Apextechusa has been specialized in the computer/electronic business in the United States for over 20 years. And Solytech Cooperation, a listed company in Taiwan with 30 years expertise in computer products manufacture, is a well-recognized manufacturer by most of the well-know gaming brands.

A Win-Win Joint Venture

Apexgaming is the win-win joint venture of these two leading companies. From product development, manufacture, marketing to sales, the vertical business integration provides the scale needed to support the best quality products to customers with the agility of a focused, efficiently-structured organization. 

Our Cutting-edge Technology Equipment

Some of the most cutting-edge technology equipment and test instrument are introduced in the new assembly line, including Chroma 8000, ICT TR518FV, wave crest soldering machine, PLC conveyor belt, automatic SMT machines, microcomputer control burn-in chamber.  Workshop area adopts dust-proof environment, and is in full ESD protection (including production staff).  SEQ, VCD equipment improves yield-rate and maintain high-quality of products.

We deliver solid and reliable products that empower our gamers!