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    Anti-Radiation, Fashion and Light Weight With Hood

    “Plus Amusant Plus sain” in English is “Have fun Be Healthy”

    Muti-Venting Design

    Enhance Breathability And Comfortable

    Laser Cutting Ear Holes

    Special Design To Isolate The Radiation When Speak On The Cell Phone Or Using Wireless Headphones

    Long Sleeve With Elastic Band

    High Quality Elastic Band – Comfortable And Soft On Skin

    Hi-Tech Metal Fiber

    Powerful Protection – Protect Your Body From Most Of Harmful Radiation Such As Computers, Monitors, Cell Phones And Laptop Etc.

    Laser Cutting Ear Holes

    Reduce The Risk Of Brain Cancer - A Research Reveals That People Often Speak On Cell Phone Or Using Headphone Will Increase The Risk of Cancer

    The Danger Of Microwave's Radiation

    The Aegis Anti-Radiation Technical Jacket Can Reduce Up To 99.99% Of Harmful Microwave Radiation

    Protect Kids From Tablet's Radiation

    Everyone Is Concern About The EMR Emitted By Tablet Computer And The Impact Of This Radiation On Our Children’s Health.

    The Aegis Anti-Radiation Kid's Tank Top Can Reduce Up To 99.99% Of Harmful Tablet Radiation.

    Play As Long As You Like

    Monitors Will Emit Harmful Radiation In A Certain

    The Aegis Anti-Radiation Technical Jacket Can Provide A Radiation Shielding, Doesn’t Matter Even You Quite Close To Monitor.

    WiFi Router

    Every Family Has A WiFi Router At Home, It Will Emit The Powerful Radiation Thus Could Affect Human Body And Cause Insomnia Or Weaken Your Immunity System.

    Kitchen Has The Strongest EMR In The House

    The Fridge Is The Largest EMR Producer And It Could Cause The Headache, Insomnia or Cancer.

    Let Aegis Anti-Radiation Technical Jacket Protect Your Family

    Power Tower ( Electric Tower)

    Do You Know That Most Powerful And Harmful EMF Is Generated By Electric Tower. It Can Cause Headache, Nausea, Infertility, Cancer Or Leukemia.

    Aegis Anti-Radiation Technical Jacket Can Provide The Safest Protection For Your Family.

    The Best Choice of Apexgaming Aegis Outfit

    Anti-Radiation Technical Jacket / Anti-Blue Glasses / Wrist Protector And Other Peripheral Products. Our Goal Is To Makes You "Have Fun And Be Healthier! "