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    Apexgaming AN-850M

    • Built to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, the AN 80PLUS Gold Fully Modular series comes with capacities ranging from 650W to 850W, and the application of 140mm silent Fan, <±3% tight voltage regulation, high quality 105°C/221°F main capacitors and premium components. Its near-silent operation, reliable performance are making itself one of the best values for basic system upgrades.

    80 PLUS Gold Certified and
    latest Intel 9th gen processors Ready

    • Apexgaming AN 80PLUS Gold Fully Modular series save energy through its high efficiency up to 90% and is certified to 80 PLUS® Gold.

    • The series has been optimized to work with all generations of Intel’s processors to achieve maximum energy saving.

    Ultra Quiet 140mm Low-Speed Fan

    • Featuring a 140mm silent and low-speed fan to keep friction at really low levels even after prolonged usage while guaranteeing superior cooling performance and silent operation.

    Low Ripple Noise

    • The maximum ripple noise is lower than 60mV on the +12V rail, and lower than 40mV on the +5V &+3.3V rails to ensure an excellent power supply stability. Low ripple noise will keep your performance-critical components, such as high-end graphics cards, to operate reliably for longer.

    <±3% Strict Voltage Regulation

    • The voltage regulation of the PSU is set to no more than ±3% for major output rails to meet the highest performance. The strict voltage regulation is better than Intel’s ATX standard ±5% for major rails and ±10% for -12V.

    Advanced Power Supply Design

    • AN 80PLUS Gold Fully Modular series has been implemented power supply design feature. All PCBA are connected by a copper plate without cables connection. This breakthrough solution not only lowers the chance of production errors during manual insertion but it also improves output power quality.

    High Quality 105°C/221°F
    Electrolytic Capacitors

    • Comes with high quality 105 °C (221 ° F) all electrolytic capacitors to greatly improve the durability and offer the highest stability and reliability

    High Technology
    Power Solution Design

    • By using high technology LLC Control IC and SR IC from Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), they achieve zero switching loss for high efficiency and low standby power consumption.

    High Amperage Single +12V Rail &
    DC to DC Design

    • Powerful single +12V rail and 5V/3.3V DC to DC design ensure a stable and reliable supply to the PC system and other PC components.